THE KING OF THE RING | Amateur boxing in Brazil

The high sound of rap and hip hop echoes throughout the Sao Bartolomeu sports gym, in the Sao Sebastiao neighborhood on the outskirts of Brasilia. The DJs try to cheer the few people who have managed to get to THE KING OF THE RING, a boxing event that has amateurs and professionals from various states of Brazil who seek to excel in the sport. The heavy rain that falls in the region makes it difficult for the public to arrive. The first incoming athletes are accommodated in two small bathrooms that will be used as an improvised dressing room. In minutes both are already crowded and a relay is formed for the heating, placement of the bandages and orientation on the fights. The precarious lighting makes some prefer to do all this ritual beside the ring and even outside the gym, where the rain has stopped falling. This is the case of Paula Martins. She took 12 hours by bus to Brasilia and was knocked out by her opponent in minutes by the first fight of the event. The local athletes win their fights to the joy of the fans present consisting of adults, young people and even children who follows the athletes with their mobile phones.

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