BRASILIA RIOTS | Stones, molotovs and guerrilla against politics

On November 29, 2016, thousands of people went through the streets of Brazil against a government project whose measures would directly influence the budget for sectors such as education and culture. On that day there would be a vote on the bill in the Senate and later its approval by the President.

In addition, there was still resentment on the part of the population with the growing cases and corruption scandals involving high-ranking government officials and politicians from various parties.

In Brasília, capital and political center of the country, thousands of students, representatives of diverse labor sectors and of the population in general gathered at the National Museum and went in march until the National Congress. Among them were also more radical groups and the so-called Black Blocks, notorious for acts of vandalism and violence in demonstrations.

Clashes between demonstrators and police began and spread throughout the day leaving a trail of destruction throughout the city center

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