VENEZUELAN EXODUS | Following the footprints across the border

Every day about 800 Venezuelans cross the border through the small town of Pacaraima, in the state of Roraima, far north of Brazil seeking permission to immigrate. They flee from hunger, unemployment and the economic crisis plaguing Venezuela. Many of them do not even have the money to travel, and walk the 230 km that separates Pacaraima from the capital Boa Vista, where there are already 40,000 venezuelan immigrants - 11% of the city population - who fill up shelters, living in the streets asking for food and money in the traffic lights. Many work informally as street vendors, and there are reports of involvement with prostitution and crime. The Brazilian government is studying for an emergency plan to relocate these people to larger shelters and then forwards them to other states where they are more likely to get work and start a new life in Brazil.

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Venezuelans leaving a truck on PanAmericana Avenue, border between Brazil and Venezuela, at the city of Pacaraima, Roraima state